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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tina, Andrew, Megan, Debbie, Jessica, Ollie, and Lilly check out the Coliseum
The Tappana's 
Room mates overlook the Forum
Matt and Grant set out for Florence via train bright and early while the rest of us await our Andrew, Megan and Ollie. Jessica is beyond anxious to see her men and we are guessing our new roommates will be ready to try and get some sleep! Amazing pastries from the little place downstairs were terrific!

Andrew, Ollie, Megan and Lilly arrive and the gang sets out for Lunch. Ollie is amazed at the coliseum and wants to show everyone his cute little bed. He’s not the least bit tired so we all head off for pizza near Lilly. Following nourishment we are back to the apartment for naps. Ollie passes out for two hours and has to be awakened. He is ready to head to coliseum. Off we all go. We walk 6 miles checking out the Coliseum, Palentine Hill, and the Forum. We grab dinner near the apartment and back to bed. Megan and Tina have big plans until they take their shoes off and change their minds. Early night for everyone as we await the return of the Florence travelers.

Whats a Mime?

Gelato Break!

Ollie and Cousin Megan

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