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Monday, June 20, 2016

June 18, 2016

Early this morning Ollie, Andrew and Jessica negotiated a horse ride around the Coliseum with an 89-year-old driver. The driver said he had seen Mussolini when he was 11 years old, who knows it could be true. Meanwhile Megan and Lilly set out for a marathon shopping excursion- with Lilly winning the most endurance award.

The remaining guests have arrived from many different directions. Arriving today from Chicago were the Daniel’s crew including Justin’s parents, brother and sister in law and nephew. Grayson joined everyone in Chicago for the same flight. Friends Andy and Jessica, Brian and Angela (aunt and uncle), and the Bride and Groom made up this mornings crew. Debbie, Tina, and The Tappana’s greeted everyone and took them to have lunch across from the Coliseum. The tired crew sat at two tables and experienced their first Roman meal, however they may not remember it given the tired eyes around the table.  After lunch Becky’s friend Sara arrived and finally Mike and Michelle Oliver.

While the final folks were settling in Matt and Grant set out for more adventures. Exploring the Coliseum and surrounding ruins and trying to get into a closed museum they enjoy a big day.

Becky, Justin, Sarah, Nana, and Justin’s family went to the Vatican. They saw multiple services going on and the music and light that was shining through the windows was breathtaking.

As evening came the apartment gang met up with Mike, Michelle, Grayson, Brian, and Angela to head out to dinner near Trevi Fountain and explore Rome by moonlight. Dinner service was outstanding as the waiter kept bringing food and wine for all. A walk to Trevi Fountain and then the gang split with the fatigued bunch choosing sleep over a final evening of Roman entertainment.  
Grayson, Becky, Angela and Brenda
Debbie, Angela, tina at lunch

Table one at lunch
Table 2 at lunch

Tina and a tired Bride

Mike and Michele throw a coin in Trevi Fountain

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