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Monday, May 2, 2016

May 1, 2016

After enjoying our final breakfast and journey down and back up the stairs for it we sat on our balcony in the bright sunshine enjoying the morning. We headed back to town to pick up a few items Becky decided on. Luckily we found a new way back through town, no scenery but fairly flat with no stairs! We said goodbye to the staff at Dana Villas- they treated us like royalty! Eddie carried all three bags up 100 stairs and then over to the taxi stand for us! We would have needed hours otherwise! This small man carrying more than 100 pounds of luggage up 100 stairs- was incredible!

The Santorini airport is an experience in itself. Security is very lax by our standards- when the buzzer beeped the one TSA like agent sent us back through and magically it was fine- every time!?? When someone took water through they just told them on the other side to drink it. Jackets and shoes were no issue- what a breeze but a bit unnerving with Europe on high alert! We went upstairs to the waiting area which was an outside bar overlooking the runway- yes open air over looking the runway. It was a busy day there so after being called to the gate we stood for 1 hour! Finally loading our Easy Jet plane we discover we are on a brand new plane! Very nice- we enjoyed a worry free flight back to London.

We booked a cab online from Gatwick to our hotel because the Gatwick Express train is down. Appears our minicab was a scam as no one was there- filed a claim with paypal to get my money back! So the train and subway were the only options and we ventured forward- tired, frustrated and hungry! We got to the hotel, settled in and went for a lovely dinner at an Italian place David and I had been to two years ago. A quiet fun evening at the hotel resting for an adventure tomorrow in London! 
April 30, 2016

This morning began with our journey down 100 stairs to the poolside breakfast buffet and then 100 stairs back up to our villa. Great breakfast and exercise all in one. We decided to go shopping and ventured into the tourist area. There were no ships in port so it was quiet and one could really shop! Becky was looking for some novelty items- I was looking for earrings for my dress for the wedding. Found something I liked but did not want to pay 2000 Euros. Becky found some great cuff links for Justin, also did not like the 2,000 Euro price! We enjoyed a great rooftop lunch of kabobs and headed back over the uphill route with more stairs and down the 100 stairs to our villa. We spent all afternoon by our private pool relaxing and enjoying the amazing view! For dinner we headed to Mama Thiras rooftop place- where we had eaten with our friends Steve and Susan as well as David the last time we were all here. Great memories. After watching the amazing sunset we headed back to our room (yes the stairs!) We spent the evening watching home videos and laughing. After going to bed at midnight fireworks started going off everywhere! What memories!