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Friday, June 17, 2016

June 17, 2016

Packed and ready to go
Bride and Groom and their 11 party mates are on the way- meanwhile the rest of us continue to play!

Put anything on that dress and you die!

Matt and Grant return last night after all roommates have already fallen asleep. They explored Florence yesterday with one of Grants friends who had been studying art all summer there. They return experts in the history of Florence all for the price of gelato.

Todays plans included a trip to the Vatican for Megan, Matt, Grant and Lilly. The gang grab a cab and head to the Vatican and only wait 2.5 hours to get in. They enjoyed the wealth of the Catholic nation with the Sistine Chapel and the Basillica coming in as the favorites. Afterwards they grabbed pizza and walked their way across Rome.Meanwhile the Tappana’s, Tina, and I bought hop on hop off bus tickets and went to explore the same St Peters. We waited in line for 20 minutes. We ate dinner at an old favorite place of David and mine. Ollie fell asleep on the bus after so while Tina and I jumped off for naps the parents on duty rode some more. 
And Sleep!

Policeman said "No!"
Ollie woke near Trevi Fountain so they got off and enjoyed Ollies favorite Rome attraction.  While at Trevi Jessica shares with her son the story of getting in trouble 15 years ago when her Dad asked her to sit on the Fountain and take a photo. Because others were climbing on it now Jess assumes the rules had changed and puts Ollie on the Fountain for a photo. Ollie reports the Policeman yelled," No don't climb on the wall!!" and scared him. I tend to believe that David was having a great laugh!

Lilly, Nana and our apartment 7 went to a place near the bridal hotel for a lovely dinner including dessert.  The waiter (a hot Italian according to Tina) wrote Ollies name on Nanas plate in chocolate. Afterwards we walked the city, stopped for more gelato and a night view of the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain. Ollie was a trooper and stayed awake the whole time. We returned at 10pm to a quick Facetime call with the Chicago 12 in the Admirals club. 

The last of the gang arrive tomorrow as we prepare to embark soon!! Counting down!

Hop on Hop Off

Oliver and Great Nana
Pantheon at night
Megan and Matt explore St Peters

Trevi Fountain tonight!

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