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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June 15, 2016

Across the street a very old neighbor
Rome is now officially open for the Daniels wedding party. Grant and Matt arrived via train from Munich and waited for the rest of the gang. Jessica and Tina were next arriving direct from Chicago. They made the mistake of sitting in Terminal 3 waiting for 3 hours for Debbie only to find she arrived in the main Terminal 1. The issue was there was no food in Terminal 3. Debbie arrived via Berlin. The Berlin airport is a sparse old airport where you exit your large airbus plane via steps that had two dead birds on them- German thriftiness at its best.

The apartment is literally across the street from the Coliseum! The view from nearly every window is into a Coliseum window we are so close! We let Matt take the lead and we walk the city. Up and down hills and steps we make our way around Rome. We find the “St Peter in Chains” church that contains the chains of Peter and three Michelangelo sculptures including “Moses”. Fantastic. We end up in a cute little Italian dinner and eat outside on the sidewalk. The walk home under the rising moon and 70-degree weather is fantastic. Once back at the apartment we all proceed to pass out.

Tomorrow Andrew, Megan, Ollie join everyone at the apartment and Lilly checks into the hotel. The activities will be determined by the state of mind of the littlest member.
Steps to St Peters In Chains church

Matt, Grant, Tina, Jessica, Debbie enjoy dinner

Down the street a very old neighborhood- The Forum

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